My Top 10 Bars in NYC

by Thursday, December 12, 2013

There have been some people who have asked me to make a post about cool bars in New York. I didn’t do this before because there are so many options that it took me a while to filter the ones I like the most. As I told you before in my posts “My 10 favorite hamburgers places in NYC” and ”My top 10 restaurants in NY”, my intention is not to recommend the newest places, but the ones that I think are worth visiting. All of my favorite bars are either on the East or West Village.

Here is my list (no description) of the top ten bars in Manhattan:

Hace tiempo que me han pedido un post de recomendaciones de bares en Nueva York. No lo había hecho ya que con tanta oferta restaurantera apenas pude juntar mi lista de top 10 y por fin lo pude sacar. Como se los platiqué en los posts anteriores de “My top 10 restaurants in NYC” y de “My 10 favorite hamburgers places in NYC“, mi intención con este tipo de posts no es recomendar lo más novedoso en el mercado si no lo que para mi gusto merece la pena ir. Todos mis bares favoritos están por East y West Village. Aquí va mi lista (no reseña) de top 10 bares en Manhattan:

The Raines Law Room – 48 W 17 Street, New York City 10011

The Leadbelly – 14 Orchard St. New York, NY.

PDT (Please don’t tell) – East Village

Little Branch – 20 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10011

Wilfie & Nell – 228 West 4th Street. Between 7th Avenue & West 10th Street, New York NY. 10014

Wilfie and nell

Death + Company – 433 East 6th St. Lower East Side NY.

deathandco copy

The Wayland – 700 E 9th St (corner of Avenue C), Manhattan, NY .

The Burgoise Pig – 11E. 7 Street, New York, NY 10009.

La Esquina – 114 Kenmare, New York, NY 10012 b/n Lafayette and Centre.

Employees Only – 510 Hudson St. between Christopher and West 10th Street.


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