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by Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Last year, when we had just arrived to NY, one of my favorite activities was to go to Bryant Park or Brooklyn Bridge Park to watch a movie. The plan consists in taking a mat and food for a picnic with friends a couple of hours before the movie starts (5:30pm). For Brooklyn, I recommend taking a Citibike and crossing the bridge because the park is right there. What is incredible about that spot is that the view of the Manhattan skylines is unique. In contrast, Bryant Park is surrounded by lightened buildings and it is also incredible. Here is the schedule for the next movies:

El año pasado, recién llegamos en agosto a NY, uno de mis mejores planes fue ir a Bryant Park y al Brooklyn Bridge Park a ver películas al aire libre. El plan consiste en llevar un mat para echarte, tu canasta de picnic, instalarte dos horas antes con amigos, chacotear y en cuanto obscurece empezar a ver la película. Para Brooklyn, les recomiendo cruzar el puente en bici (Citibike) que el parque está apenas cruzando el puente. Además tienen una de las mejores vistas a Manhattan. Aquí les dejo el calendario de ambos parques por si se les antoja el plan para estos próximos días:


Brooklyn Bridge Park:

-July 18: Enter the Dragon

-July 25: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

-August 1: 8 Mile

-August 8: Roman Holiday

-August 15: Rocky

-August 22: Vertigo

-August 29: (Public Vote: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas/ Good Will Hunting/ Lost in Translation)

Bryant Park

-July 15: Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte

-July 22: The African Queen

-July 29: A Foreign Affair

-August 5: Norma Rae

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