Mexican Designer Holiday Gift Guide

by Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Mexico was badly hit by natural disasters this year and this holiday season is a great opportunity to support hard-working Mexican designers who produce locally and also work hand in hand with indigenous communities and skilled artisans. So, if you are struggling to decide what to give your loved ones this holiday season, here’s a quick holiday gift guide with some of the coolest items by Mexico’s hottest designers.

Este 2017 México se vio afectado por varios desastres naturales. Esta temporada de regalos lo mejor es apoyar a diseñadores locales, principalmente aquellos que producen local y apoyan a comunidades indígenas y talentosos artesanos. Si no sabes por donde empezar, aquí te dejamos una lista de regalos de algunos de los diseñadores mexicanos mas ‘hot’ del momento. 

1. Oro Nardo (Xinu Perfumes)


2. Breslavia Black Slippers (Mila Milu via MexiCouture)

3. Orm Earrings Silver (PAAR)

4. Poncho Zarape (Simona)

5. Women’s Mozart High Trousers (Ocelote)

6. COOT people denim jacket (Children of our Town)

7. Lipstick (Ere Perez)

8. Circus for Tigers Silk Medium Square Scarf (Centinelle)

9. Clutch Vino (Ohja)

10. Mask Mono (Maison Manila)

11. Silver Charro Cape (Carla Fernandez)

12. Kit Detox Facial (AHAL)




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